Are you spending too much time and money on your fleet’s tolls and violations? Take ATS’ toll and violation diagnostic test to find out.

    Toll & Violation Management
    Diagnostic Test

  • Keeping Your Fleet's Profits in the Fast Lane

    ATS offers fleet vehicle
    owners proven Toll and
    Violation Management
    with a track
    record of reducing costs
    and, where appropriate,
    generating new sources
    of revenue for our fleet

    Toll & Violation
    Management Solutions

  • Toll Management Made Easy with PlatePass®

    PlatePass® helps fleets
    operators save money on
    toll violations by enabling
    drivers to take advantage
    of high-speed, cashless toll
    lanes, while giving them a 
    centralized system that
    takes the hassle out of
    managing tolls.

    Toll Management

  • Take the Risk & Cost Out of Fleet Violations

    Managing fleet violations
    can be time-consuming
    and costly. VioLogics
    eliminates this hassle,
    while reducing risk and
    costs to your fleet by
    transfering liability for
    violations to fleet drivers
    more easily.

    Violations Management

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Are you a fleet driver and have questions about a violation incurred while driving your fleet vehicle?

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Have you recently rented a vehicle and have questions about a violation or credit card charge?

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American Traffic Solutions is a leading provider of technology and business solutions for Road Safety Camera and Electronic Toll and Violation Management Programs throughout North America.


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Find out how ATS can develop a tailored Toll and Violation Management Solution that will put your fleet - and your profits - back in the fast lane.

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Leaders in Toll and Violation Management Solutions

As a leader in Toll & Violation Management Solutions for fleet vehicle owners, ATS Processing Services offers proven solutions that make compliance more convenient for your fleet and drivers.

Our products have a track record of reducing fleet costs and, where appropriate, generating new sources of revenue for our customers.

ATS differentiates itself from others by delivering Toll and Violation Management solutions to not only fleets but also Toll Authorities and Municipalities. This varied experience means that your fleet will benefit from ATS’ expertise in working with both the issuers and recipients of tolls and violations.

ATS’ Toll and Violation Management solutions are available from the leading Fleet Management Companies in North America for easy implementation as well as on a direct basis from ATS for those not enrolled in a fleet management program.

Saving You Time & Money

Whether your fleet is large or small, whether you are a violation recipient or violation issuer, ATS has proven Toll and Violation Management Solutions that can save you time and money.

With a diverse customer base that ranges from Fleet Operators to Fleet Management Companies, from Vehicle Manufacturers to Rental Car Companies, we have the experience and the products to help you better manage tolls and violations for your fleet.


With enhanced controls, centralized invoicing and online reporting, the PlatePass® Centralized Electronic Toll Payment service saves fleets money and increases convenience.

VioLogics Logo

Also known as Driver Accountability, VioLogics is an Electronic Violation Processing service that helps fleet managers/owners maximize cost savings and minimize driver-related challenges associated with violations.


TollGuard protects fleet against expensive toll violations while maximizing cost recovery from drivers.

DMV Connect

With its high-quality Plate-to-VIN Matching service, DMVconnect enables Toll Authorities to turn out-of-state license plates into people, making invoicing and violation processing possible.