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PlatePass® is a Centralized Electronic Toll Payment service that enables fleets to take advantage of high-speed, cashless toll lanes with or without an in-vehicle transponder. With its centralized controls, reporting and payment processing, PlatePass® does for tolling what fuel cards have done for fuel management.

Key Benefits of PlatePass®

  • Eliminates complex and high-cost, toll-violation processing.
  • Cashless electronic toll collection.
  • Reduces fleet and driver’s liabilities for toll violations.
  • No capital investment for transponders or major technology.
  • Secure web-accessible performance monitoring, management reporting and analytical tools.
  • Single set of interfaces to independent US toll authorities.

Video & Transponder Compliant

PlatePass® coverage blankets all major toll regions in North America, complying with in-vehicle transponder and license-plate (video) toll recognition systems throughout the United States and Canada.

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