Your Toll Road is Changing —
PlatePass® Can Help

Toll Authorities are tearing down or shrinking the number of cash toll collection points as they move toward cashless Open Road Tolling (ORT).

Traffic Jam

For fleet drivers without a method of electronic payment, this move means longer lines and potentially higher costs as Toll Authorities increase cash toll costs over in-vehicle transponder-based, electronic payment methods.

PlatePass® tackles these challenges by enabling you to take advantage of ORT, keeping you in the fast lane.

Helping You Go Faster On and Off the Road

The PlatePass® electronic toll payment service eliminates not only your risk of costly toll violations but also the complexity of managing across multiple toll programs, ultimately making your tolling experience more convenient.

PlatePass® helps you go faster off the road by centralizing tolling for your employer’s entire fleet. If you currently use a personal in-vehicle transponder, PlatePass® eliminates the need to manage your toll expenses by keeping track of receipts and administering toll reimbursements.

Additionally, PlatePass® representatives are here to support you if you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed.