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Find out how TollGuard can save you time and money by eliminating your fleet's costly video tolling violations.

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TollGuard protects fleet against expensive toll violations while maximizing cost recovery from drivers.

Eliminate Toll Violations with Electronic Payments

Toll authorities are tearing down cash-attended toll booths and adding overhead gantries with in-vehicle transponder and video detection technology to monitor vehicles and process toll payments. Such electronic toll payment methods reduce congestion and increase convenience by allowing drivers to keep on moving.

Utilizing this same video technology, TollGuard ensures that registered vehicles are treated like customers rather than violators. By managing toll road registration and de-registration of fleet vehicle plates, ATS pays all electronic tolls incurred by the fleet vehicles, ensuring that violations do not occur.

TollGuard aggregates these electronic toll transactions and then passes them to fleet vehicle owners for their own internal processing, whether that be for rebilling or cost avoidance purposes.

Key Benefits of TollGuard

  • Take advantage of video toll lanes in areas utilizing video technology
  • Recover toll-related costs through electronic rebilling of customers/drivers who incurred tolls
  • Reduce fleet toll costs and liability
  • Eliminate the risk of toll violations and penalty charges
  • Improved controls and accounting through online reporting system

How TollGuard Works

TollGuardcan eliminate your fleet’s toll violations in any state that utilizes video tolling and is eligible for ATS’ automated processing. When you enroll your fleet in TollGuard™, ATS will manage payments for all tolls on your behalf, eliminating your risk of violations and non-payment penalties.

Two Toll Processing Options

ATS then provides you with two processing options to recover the costs of the paid tolls:

Internal Registered Owner Processing: You bill back your customers directly to recover tolls and administrative fees, allowing you to maintain direct oversight of the billing process.

Outsourced ATS Processing: ATS bills back your customers to recover toll-related costs, providing you with additional freedom.