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VioLogics is an Electronic Violation Processing service that helps fleet managers/owners maximize cost savings and minimize driver-related challenges associated with violations.

 Driver Accountability

Also known as Driver Accountability, VioLogics not only manages the citation process but also dramatically reduces risk and costs to fleets by enabling fleet managers/owners to transfer liability to drivers.

Putting You in the Driver’s Seat

ATS understands that different fleets have different needs when it comes to processing and handling violations. VioLogics allows fleet managers/owners to set the rules for how violations and driver relationships are managed.

Whether transferring liability directly to the driver, requesting payment from the driver for a violation, or merely sending a violation notification to the driver, VioLogics puts you in the driver’s seat.

Utilizing technology-based "logic," the VioLogics service brings simplicity to managing tickets, saving fleets as much as 80 to 90 percent on violation-related expenses. 

Key Benefits of VioLogics

  • Save money – as much as 80 to 90 percent – over existing processes
  • Eliminate the headaches associated with processing fleet violations
  • Transfer responsibility and liability to drivers with ease and flexibility
  • Increase driver accountability for their tickets and driving behavior
  • Dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, risk of penalties, registration holds, boot & tow, and unpaid tickets
  • Reporting visibility into driver behavior and outstanding payments due from drivers
  • An online system to manage violations of shared vehicle fleets
  • Fully integratable with fleets utilizing Fleet Management Companies
  • Increase driver satisfaction by enabling them to dispute their tickets directly with issuing authorities

Meeting Your Fleet’s Unique Needs

The VioLogics service caters to the unique needs of both Drivers and Fleet Mangers through two independent web-based interfaces – one for the fleet manager/owner and one for the driver – that are supported by ATS’ call and violation processing center in Tempe, Arizona.

This technology-enabled service will meet your fleet’s needs whether you are a rental car company, direct vehicle assigned sales fleet, a pooled vehicle fleet, light duty, heavy duty, unionized, leased, fleet managed, or even a finance company/manufacturer.