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A One-Stop Shop To Resolve Fleet Violations

VioLogics is an Electronic Violation Processing service that helps drivers and their fleets to better manage violations issued to fleet vehicles. Whether the violations are for tolls, photo enforcement, or parking, VioLogics provides a single place for you and your fleet to resolve these tickets.

Helping You Retain Due Process

Also known as Driver Accountability, VioLogics helps fleet drivers manage, pay or work directly with the Municipal Issuer to dispute or resolve a violation by transferring liability for the violation to the driver.

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In discussions with fleet drivers and fleet managers about the challenges related to tickets issued to fleet vehicles, we’ve learned that drivers often want to try to resolve their ticket directly with the Issuer.

Drivers have shared with us their frustration when fleets automatically pay a violation and then seek reimbursement for that violation without the driver having had the chance to resolve the violation directly with the Issuer.

For this reason, more and more drivers have requested the opportunity to retain the ability to exercise this “due process” with the Issuer by transferring liability for the citation from the fleet to the driver.

VioLogics works to maximize this transfer of liability whenever possible for the benefit of both the driver and the fleet.

Personalizing Violation Management

Historically, the fleet model for resolving violations has been to pay the issuer directly and then to charge back the driver. This model has been the result of fleets trying to manage the risk of municipalities preventing vehicle re-registration, booting, towing, and escalating penalties.

With over 3,000 different Ticket Issuers in the US and Canada each having its own set of rules and regulation when it comes to violations, fleets have had to work with one-size-fits-all violation management practices.

VioLogics manages this complexity to personalize and create new options for drivers and fleets when it comes to violation management. With VioLogics, drivers experience this personalization through the service’s communications, customer service and online one-stop shop for violation information and resolution.


How VioLogics Works

When your fleet signs up for VioLogics or Driver Accountability, you will be asked to register for the service by providing some basic information, including your driver’s license number and date of birth. Your cooperation with registration will help VioLogics™ give you the most options for managing the violation and getting the benefits of liability transfer.

Once you have completed the one-time registration, VioLogics does the rest. You won’t need to worry about continuously checking the website — if anything should happen related to you or your fleet vehicle, we will contact you, letting you know that a violation has been reported and giving you the information you need to either pay or dispute the citation.

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