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VioLogics is an Electronic Violation Processing service that helps fleet managers/owners maximize cost savings and minimize driver-related challenges associated with violations.

Making Your Job Easier

Also known as Driver Accountability, the VioLogics service not only manages the citation process, but also dramatically reduces risk and cost to fleets by enabling fleet managers/owners to transfer liability to drivers. Utilizing technology-based "logic," the VioLogics service brings simplicity to managing tickets, saving fleets as much as 80 to 90 percent on fleet vehicle-related expenses.

Fleet Mgr

With VioLogics, fleet managers can eliminate the headaches associated with processing fleet violations. The heart of VioLogics is how the service manages the 3,000 individual Municipal Issuers across the United States and Canada. This capability helps fleet managers to transfer responsibility and liability to drivers, resulting in cost savings  for you, while making it possible for drivers to resolve violations directly with the Issuer.

Increasing Driver Accountability

ATS understands that holding drivers accountable for their violations is a sensitive topic for fleet vehicle owners. VioLogics helps fleet mangers by putting the fleet in charge of how drivers should be treated.

VioLogics benefits drivers by helping them retain due process under the law, enabling them to contest their violations directly with the Issuer. VioLogics does this without increasing the risk of penalties, registration holds, boot & tow, etc. to the fleet vehicle owner. The result is a win-win, with happier drivers and lower fleet costs to the fleet owner/operator.

Do You Work with a Fleet Management Company?

The VioLogics service may be offered currently or in the near future by your Fleet Management Company (FMC), providing a special benefit to you and your fleet. VioLogics could be a completely free to service to your company that can result in 80 to 90 percent savings on the current "Pay & Bill" model you are experiencing with your FMC.

In the traditional "Pay & Bill" model, your FMC pays any violations issued to your vehicles and then bills you for those violations plus an administrative fee. VioLogics facilitates the transfer of liability for those violations to your drivers and provides driver payment solutions, eliminating as much as 80 percent of violation-associated costs to you.

All you need to do to benefit from these savings in cost and effort is to sign up with your FMC, free of charge. Call us today to learn more about this paradigm-changing service.