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A One-Stop Shop for Rental
Violations Management

VioLogics is an Electronic Violation Processing solution that saves rental car companies money by enabling them to better manage violations issued to rental vehicles, all while providing the most positive experience possible for your renters.

Benefiting the Rental Company and Customer

VioLogics serves both your rental customer and your company with capabilities to improve convenience and reduce costs. Your renters will experience positive communication, dedicated customer service and a one-stop shop for resolving violations. Rental car companies will have an online environment to ensure that all types of violations, whether renter-billable or not, are resolved on time and with ease.

Utilized by some of the largest rental car companies in North America, VioLogics processes more rental car violations than any other solution on the market today. VioLogics has a track record of reducing violation-related expenses dramatically by maximizing a rental car company’s ability to transfer liability and minimizing delinquencies.

VioLogics is so dependable that we will guarantee its performance by paying for any penalties incurred you might incur as a result of our missing the commitments we make to you.

Taking Care of Your Renters

At ATS, we understand the specific needs of your renters. VioLogics was built for rental car customers, providing your renters with personalized service and support. VioLogics is a one-stop shop for your renters to view, pay and resolve their tickets.

As the industry leader in automated photo enforcement in North America, ATS has the experience to provide your renters with the customer service they desire and the respect they deserve.



Visit, ATS’ traffic violation website designed to guide rental car customers through the violation process, answer any questions they might have and provide convenient payment options. Screen Shot