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Why Was I Charged for a Violation?

It used to be that violations were either handed to us by a police officer or left on our windshields. Advances in automated violation enforcement, however, have led to violations being issued to vehicles or drivers through the mail.

These violations are generally sent to the registered owner of the vehicle: the rental car company. When this occurs, the rental car company often seeks to inform and reprocess the violation back to the renter, which can also involve an administrative processing fee to cover the efforts involved with handling the violation.

Making Violations More Convenient for You

For rental car companies that can receive violations from multiple Issuers, handling those violations is complex. ATS processes violations for some of the largest rental car companies in North America, working to support both their renters and the rental car companies.

ATS’ solution benefits renters by working to transfer liability from the rental car company to the renter through processing affidavits with the ticket issuer whenever possible. The transferring of liability process benefits renters by enabling them to dispute or negotiate violations directly with the ticket Issuer. If ATS or the rental car company merely paid the ticket, the renter likely would be unable to contest the ticket because the violation has already been settled at the Issuer level.

In some cases, when transfer of liability is not possible, the Issuer is paid directly by the rental car company and/or ATS for the renter’s violation. ATS, as an agent for the rental car company, will seek reimbursement for the paid citations on behalf of the renter along with an administrative processing fee. ATS then provides the renter with multiple methods of easy payment.

We are Here to Help

ATS understands that you might have questions regarding the violation and its related charges.

"Why was my credit card billed?"

"What if I believe that the violation was issued in error?"

"What should I do if I already paid the citation on my own?" Screen Shot

You can find answers to your questions and more at, ATS’ dedicated rental car customer site designed to guide you through the violation process.

Through this secure site, you will be able to log-in to access details specific to the rental violation, including a copy of the citation. If you received an invoice for a violation, the site also provides you with convenient payment options.