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ATS is a leader in providing both Toll and Violation Management Solutions that save fleets time and money, helping to make compliance issues more convenient.

What We Do Best: Saving You Time & Money

Toll and violation management has been a long-time headache for fleets. From monitoring fleet driver behavior to chasing down those who incur violations, managing your fleet’s tolls and violations is a distraction from the fleet management work that really matters.

The costly time it takes out of your day is only part of the challenge. There are the added expenses of initially paying violations in the hope that you recoup the money from drivers as well as the risk of penalties for any violations that might be missed.

This is where ATS’ Toll & Violation Management solutions can help, with a combination of services that are proven to save fleets time and money, and where appropriate, generate new sources of revenue.


  • Our products have a proven track record of providing significant time and cost savings, often as much as 80 to 90 percent over traditional toll and violation management methods.

  • ATS works with the leading Fleet Management Companies (FMCs) in North America, enabling easy implementation of its Toll and Violation Management solutions for fleets that work with an FMC.

  • ATS is the only vendor in North America to offer a combination of products that cover toll and violation management for fleets (toll/violation recipients), municipalities (toll/violation issuers) and toll authorities.

  • ATS leads the way in toll and violation management knowledge, processing 12 million+ toll transactions and 1 million violations annually.

  • ATS understands the unique needs of not just fleet managers and owners but also of their drivers. Whether they are fleet drivers or rental car customers, we tailor our services to ensure your drivers have a positive experience.

  • ATS’ leadership brings to the table more than 80 years of combined experience in photo enforcement, electronic toll collection, violation management and fleet management.