Solutions that Meet Your
Business’ Unique Needs

Whether your fleet is large or small, whether your business pays tolls or issues them, ATS has proven Toll and Violation Management Solutions that can save you time and money and, where appropriate, generate new sources of revenue.


With enhanced controls, centralized invoicing and online reporting, the PlatePass® Centralized Electronic Toll Payment service saves fleets money and increases convenience.

VioLogics Logo

Also known as Driver Accountability, VioLogics is an Electronic Violation Processing service that helps fleet managers/owners maximize cost savings and minimize driver-related challenges associated with violations.


TollGuard protects fleet against expensive toll violations while maximizing cost recovery from drivers.

DMV Connect

With its high-quality Plate-to-VIN Matching service, DMVconnect enables Toll Authorities to turn out-of-state license plates into people, making invoicing and violation processing possible.

ATS’ Toll and Violation Management Solutions are available from the leading Fleet Management Companies in North America for easy implementation as well as on a direct basis from ATS for fleets not enrolled in a fleet management program.