An automated toll payment solution that provides speed and convenience on the road for fleet and rental car drivers, as well as centralized billing and managed tolling for fleet managers and rental operators.



Our electronic violation processing services help fleet managers/owners maximize cost savings and minimize driver-related challenges associated with violations.

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Toll Violation Protection

Backup toll coverage protects fleets against costly toll violations, should the fleet’s primary method of tolling fail for any reason, or if the driver uses a cashless tollway where the fleet does not have a tolling account.

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Title & Registrations

ATS has developed an automated system that expedites the communication and transfer of data to Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV’s) nationwide. International Registration Plans (IRP’s) are included.

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Plate-to-VIN matching

With its high-quality Plate-to-VIN Matching service, DMVconnect™ enables Toll Authorities to turn out-of-state license plates into people, making invoicing and violation processing possible.

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