Hello Guy
I’ve put this page of data together for you as a reference tool so you can keep up to date on the success of the ATS/PushPull relationship. And so far so good on every aspect I have to say.

Since adding your full fleet onto the PlatePass program, you’ve saved over 27k in typical management fees associated with processing. Biologics continues to pay off as well with a savings of 36k for just this quarter.

I’ve also added a video about some new offerings we are releasing for PlatePass. Considering what you have said regarding enrollment radius and pricing, I think you will find some of the new features exciting.

Craig Cheatle
Vice President Business Development & Account Management
c: 248 496 6420
p: craig.cheatle@atsfleet.com

PushPull results

Q3 Results for PushPull
200 vehicles added in August, bringing total vehicles under management to 2,345. The following programs have delivered consistent results.



Vehicles Covered
  • $6,567 saved
  • 234 violations processed
  • Transfer Liability rate – 86%

Toll Guard


Vehicles Managed
  • $6,756 saved
  • 456 violations paid
  • 35 new vehicles added

PlatePass® is a Centralized Electronic Toll Payment service that enables fleets to take advantage of high-speed, cashless toll lanes with or without an in-vehicle transponder.

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